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180gr Black vinyl in a gatefold cover. Limited to 300 copies. Released for RSD 2021, drop 2A MUST for fans of Nils Frahm, Wim Mertens, etc.. with guest appearance by Luc Van Lieshout (Tuxedomoon)!
Jan De Block brings minimalist piano on a bed of abstract noise. Since he started Silent Noise Revolution in 2015, he has appeared every year in Nils Frahm's Piano Day playlist. “Insides” is his first vinyl release, the result of 3 years of tinkering, putting it aside, throwing it away and starting over.

Jan De Block: “Insides” is about a world that only exists in my imagination, a world without distinction between reality and fantasy. Staying in my own head helps me to stay afloat in a world where we are constantly stimulated by short fragments from the lives of other people, without nuance or frame. Those stroboscopic fragments are so dazzling that they drown out the soft light and our inner voice. That puts us off balance. My music is not just the soft light or the voice within ourselves: radiation seeps through from the outside, in the form of electronic clicks, noise, glitches… like a robot faltering and stuttering due to damage to its circuits. The combination of soft piano music and abstract sounds forms the universe of Silent Noise Revolution.

I collaborated with Luc van Lieshout (Tuxedomoon) on 2 of the 10 tracks. We know each other since a long time, and Luc understands perfectly what Silent Noise Revolution stands for, so I let him choose which songs he wanted to play on. His contribution is more than an extra layer or arrangement, he creates a new unity, a new balance.

I am looking for a balance between pathos (suffering) and logos (reason). I apply both elements through a combination of piano and abstract sounds, but the balance only arises in the mind of the listener, who chooses which layer to focus more or less on.
This Is Belgian NeuMusik Chapter 39

Released Mid July by Belgian NeuMusik. 

Track Listing:
A1. Between Floating And Falling   
A2. Skin To Skin   
A3. Closer (To You)
A4. Rewinding That Moment 
A5. Softly Touching Ground
B1. Don’t Say Anything   
B2. Teared Apart   
B3. Staring into the Fire
B4. Between Fallen And Failing Angels   
B5. Synapse Sync

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