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Speed Injektion: DEATH'S DANCE CDEP


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Limited edition of 200 ONLY in maxi-jewelcase and on clear substrate CD format!

The long-awaited debut release “Death’s Dance” from SPEED INJEKTION - the dancefloor-focused side-project of notorious aggrotech act ALIEN VAMPIRES – is finally here, on blood-spattered clear-substrate CD!

Taking up the harder, harsher sounds ALIEN VAMPIRES themselves have moved away from
in recent times, SPEED INJEKTION’s long-promised debut brings us bleak beat-driven brutality.

Mainly instrumental by design, “Death’s Dance” is slickly produced power-noise in its purest form, with vocals when they do come - as on “Crept into your Thoughts” or from special guest Attila Csihar of MAYHEM and SUNN O))) on “King Of Entropy” – the exception rather than the rule.

SPEED INJEKTION have made the soundtrack of this plague-ridden historical moment – and in so doing perhaps also defined their own sub-genre “Death Dance”. These five full songs plus an ominous outro will surely only leave you lusting for more.

Released Mid July 2020 by Digital World Audio.

Track Listing:
01. Death's Dance  
02. Crept Into Your Thoughts  
03. King of Entropy (feat. ATTILA CSIHAR)
04. Apocalypse (Has Arrrived)  
05. Evil Wins Anyway  
06. Back to Enceladus

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