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Seer: VOL.6 CD


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The CD-Version of the SEER album  eatures 4 bonus-tracks and 18 minutes of additional songs, taken from their previous (deleted) album Vol.5. Seer merge an obvious love for the bizarre and Lovecraftian with the gothic darkness of Type O Negative, the horror punk of The Misfits, and snatches of extreme metal, all mixed together in the darkness of long Canadian nights. They don’t sound exactly like anything else out there, taking disparate elements to forge their own path. In a world where so much music is safe or formulaic, for that, . . . Seer are to be commended. -Ave Noctum

Released Early February 2019 by Artoffact.

Track Listing:
01 Oath of Exile [03:44]
02 Iron worth Striking [08:39]
03 Seven Stars, Seven Stones [07:21]
04 Frost Tulpa [08:59]
05 As the Light Fades [07:46]
06 Prior Forms [02:26]
Vol. 5 (CD only bonus tracks):
07 The Seed of Man descends upon the God Tomb [01:06]
08 The Face of the Earth was darkened and a Black Rain began to fall [10:32]
09 A Primordial Entity Observes from Across the Cosmic Expanse [04:40]
10 The Mantra is recited within the Catacomb of Shuggnyth [03:04]

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