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First solo work by Italian musician Martina Betti. “Falling Time” is an aural ticket to a non place. Swirling ambient sounds made of processed field recordings converge into a richly textured and harmonically layered narrative. The tracks scan the phases of ascension to a suspended and formless destination, free from the bounds of time and space: a rite of passage. We are nowhere, a journey with no boundaries or restrictions transforming the smallness of ordinary life into transcendent magnitudes.
Building on constant cinematic tension, frictions and collisions of sounds, through which the mind is transformed, freed from daily dualities, at one with it’s psychic abilities.
Mastered by Lawrence English at Negative Space.

Released Late December 2017 by Cyclic Law.

Track Listing:
01. Away 06:47
02. Nowhere To Be Found 03:58
03. Skyness 05:30
04. Outburst 02:46
05. Swarm 04:08
06. Heart Apart 06:08
07. Reverse Thrust 06:44
08. Come Back 05:18

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