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New edition of ‘The Box of the Insomniac Songs’, the most fascinating release of Spanish electronic music pioneer Saiz. Originally released in a very limited self-edition, it is sold out for over 10 years. The new edition comes with totally different artwork, in an artisan-crafted 8CDs box, limited and hand numbered, of delicately beautiful content, in the form of spectral and extensive soundscapes (in some approaching an hour of length). These are recordings made over ten years, between 1992 and 2006.
As Suso explains: "Much of the material arises from two needs: one, effectively was to get sleep for my insomnia problems and this caused automatisms and spontaneity at the time of recording.But without a doubt the need to experience new paths for me, is in each of the 8 discs that "The Box" contains ... There are 8 hours of experimental homemade recordings, conceived at dawn and with references to particular myths like "2001: a Space Odyssey", Stanley Kubrick's movie. They helped me to wake up every morning with my brain cleaner "No doubt “The Box…” is a landmark in ambient music and at the level of the genre’s "classics" worldwide. Having been at the forefront of Spain´s experimental music scene since the late 70s, multi-instrumentalist Suso Sáiz formed the pivotal group Orquesta de las Nubes and studio project Música Esporádica, releasing a string of albums on Madrid´s cult labels such as Gra-baciones Accidentales and NO-CD Rekords. A prolific producer, he has recorded with Spain´s most singular popular musicians as well as with a number of luminary electronic and world music artists such as JORGE REYES & STEVE ROACH  (Suspended Memories project), Salif Keita, and Fennesz. Fascinated by the possibilities of new technology he experimented with guitar loops, synthesizers, and drum computers creating a unique form of musical hypnotism absorbed by avant-garde / minimalist and non-Western musical influences. Suso Sáiz remains an exploratory musician in a musical universe that knows no boundaries. In 2016 the prestigious Dutch label Music From Memory released a retrospective of works by Sáiz in double album & CD.

Released Early March 2018 by Geometrix.

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