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The sound formula of the Colombian power duo Struck9 is irresistibly effective, dynamic. The best latest electro / EBM strategies are concentrated in the track list of their new album Ritual Body Music, in which the first protagonist is an high technological musicality that will arouse in you a growing desire to dance.

Twelve charismatic songs filled with innovative electronic methodologies combines oldschool and newschool EBM elements, basing their structures on squared midtempo / uptempo rhythms, linear sequencing scans, rational flows of synths, sampling and dragging vocals pronounced with sharp determination. The qualitative superiority of this full-length is immediately perceptible.
It is the perfect answer to all the needs of energy, rhythm, danceability and incisiveness of listening, which constitute the essential elements of every electro fan. "Ritual Body Music" is a monumental release that definitively certifies the great technical competence and the incredible potentialities of Struck9, a project capable of generating wide range sounds, planned and played above all keeping unchanged the conservative action of the classic EBM modules, combined with a particular, catchy diversification of their melodic concepts.

The title track also includes two extraordinary remixes by Autodafeh and Atropine, which add further preciousness to an album definable as a masterpiece to be owned without any compromise. The electro ritual continues, astonishes and triumphs!

Released Late March 2018 by EK Product.

Track Listing:
1    Ritual Body Music    05:10
2    Execute    04:08
3    Interconnected    04:09
4    Bodytemple    04:12
5    Zero Day    04:31
6    Kapital    04:44
7    Resist    04:36
8    No Fracking U.S.A.    04:23
9    999MB    03:45
10    Peace    04:28
11    Zero Day (Autodafeh Remix)    04:00
12    Execute (TX81Z Overkill remix by Atropine)    05:08


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