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Black VINYL LP with printed sleeve and 6 fine art prints (12”x12”, heavy cardboard, stamped) + download-code

The moment of light is unrepeatable: with his second album, STEFAN ALT (aka Ant-Zen’s founder and owner, and reknown photographyer and graphic artist) pays homage to life in the present moment, any moment, which by nature can never be repeated: So embrace the Machiakari, the glow in the night, urban artificial light, the modern manifestation of light in times of darkness. 'Machiakari' works in the tradition of juxtaposing alluring atmospheres, psychedelic a peal and even occasional melodies with washes of seemingly freeform noise and challenging track structures. Join the ride, enter the 'time capsule' and let go of your standard perception of time.

'Assault on precinct 13' is indeed a cover version of (and adoring homage to) the famous score title by John Carpenter, the movie and its soundtrack itself being classic examples of the avant-garde making a successful foray and leaving an impact on popular culture. 'Absorbed' and 'We never sleep' feature drums by experimental jazz musician Gerwin Eisenhauer, the result being dynamic and intoxicating halfstep tunes with a lot of sonic grit, loaded with urban anxiety and confusion. When you visit Tokyo, you will most likely overlook the older quarter 'Ueno': outdated, sporting a visible patina, a flair of darkness and decay, fascinating for its sluggishness. The three parts of 'Yakushi-do' dive head-on into Japanese culture and mysticism, a path leading to purification of the mind, delivered with an industrial attitude, moving from ritual to collage style. This sophomore album is an entirely different entity, a focused and confident manifesto shedding valuable light in the dark of night. The moment of light is unrepeatable.

Released Early December 2019 by Ant Zen.

Track Listing: 
A1. Time Capsule (feat. Geneviève Pasquier & Tamiko Kawaguchi)
A2. Assault on Precinct 13
A3. Absorbed
A4. Ueno
A5. We Never Sleep
B1. Yakushi-do (parts 1-3)

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