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Somatic Responses: PATTERN SEEKING CD

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A stylistic care-free attitude is an important element of the 'Pattern seeking' release, where the Healy brothers include many sonic directions from lush ambient to pounding techno, catchy electro and abstract breaks into one diversified and enthralling album - a coexistence of syncopated harshness and enigmatic ambience. The main basis for the sound sources on the 12 tracks is a return to tactile methods, generally meaning the use of outboard synths and modular gear which always is a big haptic difference compared to computer-based production. However it’s not a pure 'analogue artefact', as a computer was still used for beats, processing and sequencing. By mixing both types of technology Somatic Responses are able to create an all round diverse sound amalgamation. This album can be seen as a transboundary statement against self-made and unnecessary borders - passing these is unmistakably possible, as Somatic Responses perfectly illustrate.                          

Released mid-September 2017 on Hymen Records.

Track Listing:
01 Bmbd o syr
02 Disrupted Orbit
03 Continual Orrbit
04 Recycled Promise
05 Ready your Weapons
06 Unknown Fate
07 Fall
08 QW 231
09 Pattern Seeking
10 Gross Analogue Misconduct
11 Cinematic Death Sequence
12 Isolated Circuit 

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