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Soko Friedhof: SATAN AND I


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Non-conformism, Rebellion, to be Anti? Do those idioms still count today? Especially in music, where even Goths try to be ‘Pop’? The latest Album of Soko Friedhof tries to recapture this obsolete, forsaken, lost feeling. David A. Line happily turns the cross, plays the martyr, the rebel, the antichrist, deals with Nietzsche, Lucifer, vampires and unholy priests. The sound is definitely not political, not even correct! It slams, smashes, and it's faster than all previous releases: A big bloody meal for real Goths! So come together, all you nonbelievers, children of Satan, Goths or whatever you may call yourselves... It could be your last big experience, before the world turns down.

Released mid-March 2015 on Von Grafenwald.

Track Listing:
01 Wer ist das Eigentlich?
02 I and Satan
03 Der Wundenmann
04 Pest Controller
05 Tanze, kleine Wanze
06 las dir das Hirn weg!
07 Was ist das eigentlich?
08 Satansweiber
09 Mensch zu sein
10 Gleichschritt
11 Krone der Schöpfung
12 Kind des Satans
13 Sodom & Gomorrha

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