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A lot has been said about this German Gothic cult act that is famous for scandalous, provoking, politically uncorrect tunes and statements. The new album is a sort of "quest for a new identity" in this project"s history: melancholic, angry, furious, lost, but always independent and substantial. With "Ghosts of Berlin" David a.Line wrote an urban underground story and glances a musical view at Berlin"s life, walls, backyards, cellars and the souls of desperate, lonely people in the pulsing Heart of Germany"s capital. Catchy Electro Tunes in a Gothic way and featuring a new Female voice with Maria von Lilienstein. "She sings like an Air hostess, who sweetens the last hour before a crash" as a Journalist wrote...Released mid-November, 2012 on Von Grafenwald.Track Listing:
01 Und ich breite meine Schwingen
02 In my Age
03 Little Girl
04 Is there anyone at home?
05 Breathing together
06 Speak to me!
07 Can you make me whole again?
08 The Tube
09 Sodomie
10 The Devil has an eye on me
11 Everybody seems so...
12 Breathing (demo)

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