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sensory gate is an italian band living between northern italy and the south of germany. the debut-album ianus was released by mhz records in january 2010. as ianus was more an introverted, melancholic and sometimes resignated album, sensory gate decided to get more observant and arraigning about things occurring around them. in contrast to the debut civisolation is more aggressive, electronic, industrial and rock-like with a few quite moments and organic elements. a particular experiment was the intonation of the poem 'invictus' by w.e. henley clothed in an electronic dress and humped by a kind of hip-hop beat to dignify the life of mr. nelson mandela. sensory gate decided to work with guest musicians from the inner circle of friends like they did in the past. the guitars were played by sash fiddler (diorama) to mark more rock elements, italian musician diego banchero (egida aurea) recorded some bass-lines, and dutch singer john van loon (dark territory) lent his voice for the final track kyrie. for getting the album more organic, dirty, aggressiv and to combine melancholy, electronic sounds with rock-industrial elements, producer achim welsch took care for the final mix and mastering. the main theme of the album is that more and more people are getting isolated although they are surrounded by civilisation. circumfused in darkness, the walls are getting closer and the more they feel protected, the more they are trapped within. what is reality and what is fiction? what is the truth and what is an illusion? when does revolution start and who will bump the first domino? who will give us a direction? who will show us a way out? that's a high wall to climb up and that's what civisolation is talking about.

Released late April, 2014 on Mhz.

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