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Rising from the ashes of the Portland, Oregon electronic act, Omnibox, SD6 was officially born in 2002. After a seemingly never-ending search for additional personnel, singer/songwriter Brandon Jerwa reassigned manager Jessica Blackshear to the role of a full-fledged band member. Soon enough, everything naturally fell into place: relocation to Seattle turned out to be a creative breath of fresh air, and the duo quickly found their missing link with the addition of highly skilled keyboardist Nicole Edmonds. Further along the way, the circle widened to include Fritter (former drummer for Backandtotheleft, Noxious Emotion and Omnibox). Jerwa’s sudden – and successful – breakthrough as a comic book writer forced the band to take their time during the recording process, so they simply rolled with the punches. The extra time spent on the record paid off, allowing the band’s sound to grow and evolve naturally for their first release, rather than forcing the process through the crunch ofdeadlines. With everything in place, Tom Shear of Assemblage 23 was recruited for his well-known production polish to bring out the best in the music created by the band. The result is the band’s debut, “Between Noise and Transmission,” a unique blend of emotionally intense lyrics, ear-catching melodies, and relentless dance beats with a fluid electronic backdrop. Indeed, the album is a still-life portrait of a band constantly in motion, but unwilling to be pushed in one defined direction. The band continues to play regular shows, supporting such acts as Covenant, Melotron, Cesium 137 and Icon of Coil. Full-scale tour plans are currently being mapped out for 2007, following the release of the new record.

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