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Descend into the depths of industrialism! A riveting exploration of electroacoustic and industrial music. Featuring nine tracks spanning roughly 50 minutes, "Coal Phase-Out" showcases Denise Ritter's impeccable sound design and craftsmanship. The music, though experimental and formidable, possesses a rhythmic allure that demands the listener's attention. Archaic, otherworldly, and urgent, the album offers a rewarding listening experience, serving as a remarkable document of industrial soundscapes. This album marks a departure from the thematic essence of S.G.: "Coal Phase-Out" serves as both a farewell to coal and a resolute statement advocating the abandonment of fossil fuel consumption. Notably, "Letzte Seilfahrt", "Prosper-Haniel", and "Stille im Streb" feature audio recordings taken at a depth of 1,200 meters in Germany's last active coal mine, Zeche Prosper-Haniel, shortly before its final closure. Additionally, Ritter incorporates computer-generated sounds and beats for the first time in other tracks, aiming for a distinct departure and playful liberation in sound - experience the transformative power of sound!

Released late June 2024 on Hands Productions.

Tracks Listing:
01 Coal Phase-Out
02 Detachment Dance
03 It's Time to kill your Darling
04 Letzte Seilfahrt
05 Prosper-Haniel
06 Stille im Streb
07 Emtpy Order 32
08 Dare to drop it
09 Any Doubts?

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