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“Alte Liebe...” marks the revival of an old love affair with electronic music: If you frequented festivals like FORMS OF HANDS or MASCHINENFEST in the noughties, chances are you experienced the captivating performances of S.I.N.A whose unique appearance left an indelible mark, fronted by female singer Sina Hübner, backed by Stefan Böhm aka Nullvektor on controls. Their releases are still topical, and “Snapshot” from 2000 is rightfully considered a foundation stone for the rhythm’n’noise and industrial techno genre. Fast forward to 2024, and the comeback album is finally here, offering a mature and confident exploration of themes ranging from self-doubt to female empowerment against an engaging and versatile musical backdrop. Musically, “Alte Liebe…” presents a diverse sound: From melancholic, post-punk melodies to electro clash and EBM-infused structures, S.I.N.A demonstrate their versatility and depth within a minimalistic approach. The album's rhythms and soundscapes set a captivating pace, while Sina Hübner's remarkable vocal range adds an emotional depth that resonates throughout each track. The 5 new tracks of “Alte Liebe...” are complemented by remixes from HANDS label mates MONOLITH, AH CAMA-SOTZ and CERVELLO ELETTRONICO, who bring their trademark sound and are all dance floor bound: Agitating tribal, repetitive dance floor material. “Alte Liebe...” convinces with its maturity, confidence, and timeless appeal. Join S.I.N.A on their musical rediscovery and embrace the bold evolution of their signature style.

Released late June 2024 on Hands Productions.

Tracks Listing:
01 Nicht Ich
02 Little Girl
03 Gefühlschaos
04 Bauchgefühl
05 Alles (In Mir)
06 Little Girl (Monolith rmx)
07 Little Girl (Ah Cama-Sotz rmx)
08 Gefühlschaos (Cervello Elettronico rmx)

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