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From their debut in 2004 at the american label BLC productions passed 4 long years, during which Mark (the only one head beside the project) worked hardly on this material. He is a big enthusiast of the electronic movement, a man, whose help in the development of our scene, is difficult to overestimate /young groups and labels are especially grateful to him, which make their first steps in this way and which always could get his advice and support/, a musical critic, a man, writing reviews in the german Zillo and portal, who devotes all of his free time to the development of the our electronic industrial scene.Released in 2008 on Advoxya.Track Listing:1. World-Wide Life & Death.2. Devouring Hate.3. Punish Me!4. False Prophets!5. I Bleed.6. Global Genocide.7. Paralyzed (final act).8. The Door To My Pain.9. Under Control.10. Belief.11. Leave Me Alone.12. War-Death-Destruction.13. Morgue (rest-in-noise).14. Devouting Hate (severe illusion-remix).15. Devouting Hate (regurgitation-mix by type 001).16. Devouting Hate (hateful-version by the pain machinery)

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