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Supersimmetria: ABIOGENESIS CD


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It’s a sure thing, when Supersimmetria releases an album, there’s a whole universe to discover. This time (the third time on HANDS) Armando Alibrandi takes us back to the core of life, the atoms of which everything is composed – the stardust we’re made of. And what would be more appropriate than setting to music that concept with glistening atmospheric techno tracks? The result is pure mood music for intellectual dwelling – or triking up the tone for a dimly lit, densely packed dance floor. Be prepared for a sublime 67-minute trip through rhythm and sound, the sound of our existence.

Released Early May 2019 by Hands Productions

Track Listing:
01. Fusion  
02. CHNOPS  
03. Supernovae  
04. Scattered Stardust  
05. Accretion Disk
06. Goldilocks Zone  
07. Primordial Broth 
08. Chemical Evolution  
09. L.U.C.A. (Last Universal Common Ancestor)
10. Oxygen Catastrophe  
11. Symbionts 
12. Cambrian Explosion  
13. Supra-Darwinian Entities

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