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Stillste Stund are presenting their 4th longplayer "Blendwerk Antikunst". The members see it as a direct and worthy successor of "Ursprung Paradoxon" as far as content and music style are concerned, although the music is much more energetic dancefloor-compatible.From the band"s and music label"s point of view "Blendwerk Antikunst" is the best Stillste Stund album so far,because it portrays the band"s development over the years and its great potential for even more. Stillste Stund"s music has often been described as versatile, complex and progressive, but it also has a lot of catchy elements. (In an attempt to characterize the style, some reviewers have even come up with expressions like Future-Goth or Progressive Gothic).Stylistically, it is best classified as Darkwave and Electro-Gothic with industrial and classical influences. The music combines electronic and acoustic elements (piano, cello) with dark, music score-like atmospheric sounds, supported by male and female vocals. The mood often swings from one extreme to another, sometimes melancholy, sometimes brute, but always with a strong and intense impact. On "Blendwerk Antikunst" all of the former approaches are brought together, so that the lyrics on this album portray a mixture of contempt for society, the quest for profundity and a certain kind of weirdness, which enmeshes the listener into a morbid mystery story. Since Stillste Stund meanwhile also have quite a lot of fans abroad, three English tracks have been included as well. By the way, the band"s name Stillste Stund (Calmest/Stillest Hour) traces back to a quote by Friedrich Nietzsche, in which he refers to his deepest and calmest (and at the same time his most terrible) moments as the "Stillest Hour"... Expected mid-October, 2005.Tracklist: 01.Untertage 02.Apocalyptic Noon 03.Alice II (nie allein mit dir) 04.Kein Mittel gegen dieses Gift 05. Darksomely 06.Ananke 07.Die Teufelsbuhle 08. Secludia X 09.Obsessed with Purple 10.Geistunter 11.Blendwerk Antikunst 12.Lass uns der Regen sein

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