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Steel Hook Prostheses: CALM MORBIDITY CD


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The first full length release since 2013's The Empirics Guild finds this Texas death industrial duo digging even deeper into the depths of depravity and clinical madness, having taking their time to create 10 tracks of gristly, necro-horror atmospheres and multi-layered, hallucinatory soundscapes, where shuddering waves of charred and blackened electronic filth meet heavily distorted, sadistic vocalizations. Ghastly and nightmarish, this is the soundtrack to surgery performed amidst filth and grime, with flickering lights, rusty scalpels, and absolutely no chance of anesthesia. SHP have always been adept at fusing dark, cinematic ambience with power electronics and they have certainly perfected that skill with Calm Morbidity,

Released early December 2016 on Malignant Records.

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