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Rotoskop: UNDO/REDO CD


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If you're looking for a pigeonhole for ROTOSKOP, then label it "dark mood pop". Because the artist's music is characterised by a wide variety of influences, making it sound quite unique and mostly surprising. The common thread here is not the beat, the synth, the guitar or a particular scene. It is the dark mood and of course the voice that defines the sound and the songs of ROTOSKOP. From the quiet moments of the 2022 album "Silent ≠ Silenced" to the oppressive rhythms of "Today" (from the "2021:1 EP"), there is a wide range. Full of dark moods in pop songs.

After releases under the names THE BLOOD, DIESEL and DIESEL CHRIST, ROTOSKOP began his journey at the beginning of the millennium. The artist sent tracks to other artists, who then added their voices and thus completed the songs. The result was the album 'Revolution: Lost' in 2003, that was extremely well received by critics and audiences alike. However, the following years were characterised by failure, doubts and bad decisions. Still: ROTOSKOP in these years delivered some remarkable remixes for Apoptykma Berzerk, Sono, De/Vision, Torul and Sea of Sin, among others. Since 2021, ROTOSKOP was back as a recording artists and released 3 EPs with 6 songs each. Just him - his music - his voice - and his craziness.

Released April 2024 on Infacted Recordings.

Track Listing:
01 After Midnight
02 Love Peace Honesty
03 Back in Time
04 Talk & Pray
05 Everything
06 Dark Room
07 Strong
08 Pressure - Release
09 Inside
10 Sad Song Catharsis
11 Colder
12 Goodnight My Love

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