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Limited Edition of strictly 100 copies on BLUE Vinyl!
The album „Blue Science“ by German synth band Risk Risk stands out for its catchy and danceable melodies. Defining their sound is the fact, that all music has been recorded “handmade”, with original vintage equipment, without using any computers. “Blue Science” is a fine selection of the two previous releases „This is 1983“ (2011) and „I hunt for Static“ (2017) - both long sold out – PLUS a lot of Bonus Material never heard before.

Risk Risk in his own words:
“After a long time of inavailablity I´m very proud that Wave Records contacted me to re-release a good selection of my songs on vinyl and CD. For the first time you´re listening to a compilation of the very first songs I did and some of the latest Risk Risk songs. Songs I consider to be my personal favourites.

I have been starting Risk Risk in 2009 more for myself than for anyone else. The idea was to revive some of the true 80s spirit that uses synthesizer to craft catchy pop songs with melody and vocals. The result may not be 100% perfect, but it carries some kind of emotion that modern music sometimes fails to deliver in my opinion. I hope you share the feeling and enjoy listening.”

Released 2023 by Young & Cold and Wave Records. 

Tracks Listing:
A1. Stardust Memories 
A2. Streetwalk 
A3. Adventures in Modern Lifestyle 
A4. Dawn Patrol
A5. Limousine Talk
B1. Disconnected Lines 
B2. I Hunt For Static 
B3. Scientists 
B4. Are We On Air? 
B5. City Talk

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