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RED MISHIMA is a highly gifted Dream Wave / Shoegaze band from Bologna/Italy, formed in late 2011, very active as a live-band and now finally debuting with a self-titled album! ‘Red Mishima’ is a collection of nine original tracks announced by the digital singles "Marion" and "Beyond the Mirror" (see the two nice clips below!).

With dreamy style female vocalist Corinna and classic guitar driven wave sound, Red Mishima’s Debut contains 9 very strong tracks, written and constantly evolved through past years, into an almost perfect sonic shape! HIGHLY recommended!
From '': The band’s intriguing name immediately reminds me the passion related to the red colour and the ‘perfect purity’ of Mishima, fully reflected in a song like ‘Marion’, where the textured, narcotic allure of haunting jangling strong guitar melodies and swathes of sinister synths paired with Corinna’s pristine and emotional Julianne Regan-like vocals, adding an enticing and darkly twist and a real 4AD and early Mission flavour to a haunting yet beautiful gothic atmosphere!

Released Late January 2020 by SwissDarkNights.

Track Listing:
01. Oblivion 
02. Tomorrow's Death 
03. Marion 
04. These Shadows Remain 
05. Beyond the Mirror
06. Seppuku of Love 
07. Vampires 
08. Crystal Forest 
09. Escape

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