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Runes Order: FASE XIV CD


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'FASE XIV' is completely inspired by the Sci-fi movie 'Phase IV'. It was released on a small Italian label, with almost no distribution and is now available for the first time through us! The album has a strong soundtrack vibe with some Kraut rock and Dark Ambient hints, echoing of Klaus Schulze and Goblin, the new work span both minimalistic beats and trance-inducing soundscapes, giving Runes Order’s music an alienating, ritualistic and an overall uncomfortable feeling.

Featuring Regen Graves from Abysmal Grief as guest.

Released 2021 by Terror From Hell.

Tracks Listing:
01. Altra Entità Biologica 
02. Esperimento 
03. In Fuga dal Laboratorio
04. Ritorno ai Boschi di Tunguska 
05. Loro sono già qui! 
06. Occhi dalle Stelle
07. Il Rettile sotto la Pelle 
08. Gli Adoratori del Sole 
09. Cerimonia astrale

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