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Residing somewhere between rock, cabaret and torch singer, Nicki"s captivating performance embodies the decadence and sorrow that filled the nights of pre-WWII Europe. Her direct, passionate delivery implores, seduces and screams out, setting a mood of desire and despair.Arranging vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, electronics, drums and violin, Sam brings together the diverse elements to create a nurturing environment for Nicki"s performance. This charismatic group creates intense, narrative-driven songs; their emotional Weimar Republic-inspired expressionism captures the essence of an era when the world - externally and internally - was crumbling and all that was left was losing oneself in beauty and debauchery. Painfully direct and honest, this world is populated by lovers and friends who betray, disappoint, and unexpectedly disappear, leaving the storyteller adrift and worse for wear.Along with the 10 original compositions are versions of The Velvet Underground"s "All Tomorrow"s Parties," David Bowie"s "Rock "n" Roll Suicide" and the Brecht/Weill classic "Alabama Song." Within the originals are three tracks Sam first recorded with Black tape for a blue girl.Released August 2008 on Projekt.Track List:The Released tracks:1 The Gravediggers2 Amsterdam3 A Girl, A Smoke4 Rock ‘N" Roll Suicide5 Sometimes, SunshineThe Archive:6 I have no more answers7 A Girl, A Smoke [ REHEARSAL ]8 All Tomorrow"s Parties [ LIVE ]9 Alabama Song [ LIVE ]10 Halo Star [ LIVE ]11 Strange Little Show12 Sunshine IV13 She is the Madman

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