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In 6-panel digipak. The new album „Decrypt the void“ of REPTYLE explores the boundaries of dark music and combines Wave and Gothic Rock into 8 intense Goth anthems, which are deeply rooted in the origins, but still spread REPTYLE´s gloomy and distinctive aura.

Musically, they leave the latest, more rock influenced album „Night and the River“ from 2014 as a description of the status quo at that time in the rear-view behind and reflect on the new album the early days' spirit, influenced by traditional Goth and Wave. In 2019 Reptyle released a 7“ split single with House of Usher („Hibernation“ is included on this new album), whose title track was audibly inspired by the pioneers of the genre. Soundwise between THE CHAMELEONS and THE MISSION, the song made it's way onto numerous playlists and dark clubs' dance floors. The pre-released clip „Bless the Dead“ could also be mistaken as an unreleased THE SISTERS OF MERCY track of their early days and underlines the „Back-to-the-roots“ transformation.
2022 started with a support slot for the legendary FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM and with this New albumk the band is ready to re-new and top the success they had for their first three previous albums (on labels Equinoxe and Sonorium). Songs like the ghastly “Bless the Dead“ or the melancholic and wistful title track show how haunting and varied Gothic Rock can still be today. "Timeworn" is a fine specimen of the band's Nephilim-infused goth rock, masterly mixed with new wave and post-punk elements.

Released Early November 2022 by Icy Cold.

Tracks Listing:
01. Bless the Dead
02. Timeworn
03. Decrypt the Void
04. Le Roi du Soleil
05. Hibernation
06. Lightning in the Dark
07. Echoes
08. A Dreary Night Unknown
09. Echoes (AT`s Mix)

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