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Presence Of Mind: HUMANS CD


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Swedish synthpop band "Presence of Mind" present their official debut album "Humans" on Infacted Recordings. After the digital only release of their singles "Lonely Like Me" and "Human" they present a synthpop album full of melancholy and warmth. "Presence of Mind" are somehow a traditional 80s influenced synthpop band combining the best of the "good old" synthetic pop days with the production skills of todays technology. A great production and a really talented vocalist make you listen to the album over and over again. "Humans" is a a must have for all fans of artists such as Iris, Mesh, Camouflage or Depeche Mode.

Released Early June 2023 by Infacted Recordings.

Tracks Listing: 
01. Leave Me Your Weapon 
02. The Fall 
03. Human 
04. Enlighten Me 
05. Surely Not Mine 
06. Lonely Like Me 
07. Hunting Light 
08. I'm Running 
09. Taller Than Anyone 
10. Evolve

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