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"On Rainbow Mirror, the latest work from renowned noise-music artist Prurient, fifteen new time-stretching tracks explore the more glacial and meditative side of Dominick Fernow's noise and power electronics with a total running time of almost three-and-a-half hours. Not necessarily the direct follow-up to the Frozen Niagara Falls album, this second conspiracy between the label and the band stands as another singular landmark among the vast repertoire Fernow has amassed. While familiar moments from that recent album can be found within, this ambient noise marathon also conjures the atmosphere of Fernow's old-school noise histrionics, while bringing in introspective new observations. This intense, unforgiving, trance-inducing aura is presented through waves of time-stretching electronics, layered counterpoint feedback, loops, and extended droning pulsating synth passages."

Released Late December 2017 by Profound Lore Records.

Track Listing:
01. Barefoot God     5:38
02. Walking On Dehydrated Coral     11:12
03. Midnight Kabar     8:50
04. Chaos – Sex     14:39
05. Falling In The Water     15:22
06. Okinawan Burial Vaults     17:45
07. April Fool's Day Aspect Sinister     17:33
08. Cruel Worlds     15:20
09. Naturecum     14:27
10. Blue Kimono Over Corpse     15:08
11. Path Is Short     16:00
12. Buddha Strangled In Vines (Part One)     9:56
13. Buddha Strangled In Vines (Part Two)     18:52
14. Lazarus Flamethrower Sleepwalk     10:12
15. Buddhist State     9:23

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