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Philipp Munch: GREYSCALE CD


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With this album, Philipp closes a chapter and widely opens the door to a different cosmos where different influences and incidents take place, shaping the sounds that were made. While listening to 'Greyscale' a dramatic change concerning the lyrics is instantly obvious: they are now primarily in German, pointing at his personal musical roots in the legendary project Ars Moriendi including famous co-members such as Andrea Börner (Morge-stern), Andreas Schramm (Asche) and Tim Kniep (Synapscape). Ars Moriendi's unique mixture of power noise rhythms, dark ambient spheres and often aggressively performed German vocals lay the foundation for the updated conceptual turn on 'Greyscale' as well as the fortified use of acoustic instrumentation besides omnipresent electronics. A project that also leaves one's mark here is Philipp's alter ego Rasputeen which combines minimal electro with head-strong and often time-critical lyrics. Assimilating these influences and giving them a contemporary update, 'Greyscale' displays the topical manifestation of Münch as an artist and as a musician - both as he is now and as he was!

Released 2018 by Ant Zen.

Track Listing:
01. Alive!
02. Mantra
03. Nichts dringt mehr durch
04. Evolution
05. Behind the Mirror
06. Tier
07. Krümel
08. Fangs
09. Moebiusband
10. Greyscale
11. Alter Ego
12. Keine Tränen

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