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Coming on productionB, the parallel label of Boredom Product (Célluloide, Dekad, Foretaste, La Machine...),  specialized in releases of long lost electro jewels! CD in 4-page digisleeve.

After the two deleted “Télévision 1945 I” and “II”, productionB presents another set of long-lost analogue treasures from Novocibirsk: The Vasarely Project. Ten new analogue experiments by sound architect Hervé Isar in the late 80s / early 90s, from Novocibirsk's cassettes archives carefully restored and remastered. With "Vasarely Project", Hervé Isar experimented a very unique composition process: He transposed the painter’s color codes into electrical tensions programmed on three interconnected analogue sequencers with no preconceived idea of the outcome. After completing the setup, instead of a random result, generated notes and transpositions surprisingly created harmonic consistency. It was subsequently played in front of a live audience in the Vasarely Foundation in Aix-en-Provence in September 1993 and recorded on audio tape, now available for the first time EVER on regular (limited) CD.

Released early June 2024 on productionB.

Tracks Listing:
01 Message Part 1 – Emission  
02 Anfall  
03 Circulaire  
04 Interférences  
05 Incantation
06 Vasarely Project  
07 Message Part 2 – Code  
08 Microscopic Activity
09 Creature from Outer Space  
10 Message Part 3 - Receive

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