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Limited Edition of 300 copies in special THICK 8 panels Digi, matt lamination. 11 tracks, 114 mins. Elusive Icelandic stalwarts NYIÞ with a special double-CD: Cyclic Law collected NYIÞ's (pronounced Neeth) first four releases from 2011 to 2019; a trilogy of tapes and material from a split album, into a unique whole. Cohesion is woven throughout the tape trilogy by a thread of curse-poetry.

"Til eru hræ sem hafa aldrei verið menn og munu aldrei verða þó þau lifi enn" is a perversion of a nationally beloved poem on death acceptance. "Hati þá guð og helgir englar allir" is an invocation from a 17th century grimoire, petitioning God, alongside a multitude of other natural and super-natural entities, to hate the utterer's enemies. "Visni þitt hold svo betur megi hæfa þeim hug sem það hýsir" is a toast to the misfortune of the most deserving; literally 'Thy flesh wither, the better to suit the mind it houses'. "Caput Mortum", the final release represented in this anthology, breaks thematically with the preceding tape trilogy. Inward-looking and devoid of lyrical content, its two offerings, whose titles may be translated as Root and Maelstrom respectively, allude to sub-surface phenomena, stability and churning chaos. Artwork by Heresie.

Released Late September 2022 by Cyclic Law.  

Tracks Listing:
01. Decompose [08:15]
02. NYIÞ [12:39]
03. Lilith [08:25]
04. Angurboði [02:44]
05. Til eru hræ [03:59]
06. Fjörbrot [10:44]
07. Rún [11:46]
08. Hati þá guð og helgir englar allir [13:32]
09. Að engu gjört [14:00]
10. Rót [09:07]
11. Iða [08:38]

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