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New Arctic, The: VAULT CD


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Debut solo album by the California-based artist Eleanor X. The New Arctic denotes an icy world that is starting to thaw under the changing conditions of our landscapes. Musically, this metaphor is expressed through cold wave music that has a very vulnerable and human core.

Eleanor X's alto voice is our guide through some very dark places in this debut album; she takes us on a subterrenean voyage where we meet archetypes from the depths such as death, grief, rejection, erotic isolation, heartbreak, ancestral patterns, the dark power of the subconsciousness, self-loathing and at last an opening in the VAULT where she rises from the mysterious and pained underground psyche.

Her vocals are often nearly detached, grounded in their distance but with an underlying fragility. She is the objective witness to this VAULT full of tears that is an emotional archive of a very dark time now past. And from this VAULT we have a collection of songs that each stand alone as compelling dark wave tracks that will linger after each listen.

Eleanor X incorporates emulators from the 80s for a rich synth backdrop to support her analog bass and guitar, with expert drum programming by Pedro Code (Iamtheshadow, The Ending Nights) along with guest guitarist Robert Pelikan (deAnima, Garnet Fields) who weaves his emotive arpeggiations with postpunk moments. Icy darkness, so full of emotions…
Released Late June 2022 by Swiss Dark Nights.

Tracks Listing:
01. Veils  
02. Essence  
03. Silence So Cold  
04. Paradise Lost  
05. Standing Dead
06. The Obsessed  
07. Narcissus  
08. Drifted Away  
09. Out of the Vault

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