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Neonpocalypse: ISH CDEP


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Neonpocalypse, the first ever solo project by Swedish Then Comes Silence frontman Alex Svenson with its first limited-edition EP! Svenson explains that the six-track Neonpocalypse EP fulfils a personal as much as a musical need: “I needed to fix my mind on something else. The band takes up a lot of my time and this is just a side project to find a new input... and a new output.”

Fans of turn of the eighties “futurist” music will certainly love the retro analogue synth sound, especially on the lead track 'Broken Circles', which brings to mind artists like John Foxx or avant-garde pre-stadium Simple Minds, yet with an unmistakeably modern twist, thanks as much to Svenson’s familiar velvety croon and strong sense of melody as to his mastery of digital technology. The track’s contemporary dark dancefloor potential is heightened by an exquisite remix by Italian darkwave giants Ash Code, which is also included on “-ish”. The EP’s other tracks allow Svenson, who is Then Comes Silence’s bassist as well as the band’s vocalist, to experiment further with the rhythm section than on the more traditional song structures of his main project, with Game Over featuring a syncopated drum’n’bass backing, and Lips and The Light (which also features in radically remixed form thanks to fellow SDN artist Kurs) paying knowing homage to the Asian and early industrial tangents respectively of the early 80s synth scene. Whilst Neonpocalypse’s music is wilfully more experimental and electronic-based than Then Comes Silence’s more traditional guitar-based post-punk sound, Svenson’s strong songwriting skills and deep appreciation of genre ensure that “-ish” is a worthy addition to his already impressive musical career!

Released Mid January 2022 by Swiss Dark Nights.

Tracks Listing:
01. Broken Circles  
02. Game Over  
03. The Light  
04. Lips
05. The Light (Kurs Remix)  
06. Broken Circles (Ash Code Remix)

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