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Special VINYL-ONLY release, strictly limited to 250 copies, includes booklet. Important News for fans of TRUE Dark Folk! But… is Dark Folk dead or was it ever alive at all? There is no doubt that Dark Folk is not as "popular" today, as when Current 93 released their "Earth Covers Earth" album.  Probably due to the fact that the success of that album gave birth to thousands of lesser quality groups, bands that desperately tried to copy that particular style – but failed. Still: There are a great number of HIGH quality legendary masterpieces by artists such as Sonne Hagal, Sol Invictus, Forseti, Current 93, Ordo Equilibrio, Nature and Organisation, :Of The Wand & The Moon:… and NEUTRAL of course!

Few bands within the Dark Folk genre are capable of creating such simple, fragile and beautiful pieces – and NEUTRAL are definitely among them! Those unfamiliar with Neutral's music, will be positively shocked by the extremely emotional, intense, quiet and soft style of songwriting. Touching lyrics and melodies are all here – but there’s more to it: It is appropriate to say that the best songs of NEUTRAL are frequently those with the simplest arrangements, that allow the exquisite quality of their songwriting shine through in all of its splendor - unobscured by layers of instrumentation. NEUTRAL are definitely no newcomers to the scene, being active since 1994 and well known and praised, especially thanks to their brilliant album "Serpents in the Dawn", that became a true classic in Dark Folk and Neo-Folk.

Neutral have never sought quick popularity, rather they have built their reputation slowly over their 25 year existance.  Their discography consists of only 4 studio albums and one Live-Album – including this their latest one! But… Each and every release is a pure gem for those who love song based art. Like Rome, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Lux Interna and other talented writers, NEUTRAL has outgrown and surpassed the labels of Dark- Folk and Neo-Folk, they create unique music, which does not (want to) belong to #tags but belongs to the realm of feelings and beauty!

Released Late November 2019 by Infinite Fog Productions.

Track Listing:
A1. The World of Disbelief [05:50]   
A2. Ghost of All Wars [03:57]
A3. In the Wastelands of Mine [04:43]   
A4. Carvings in Stone [05:53]
B1. Beyond the Emptiness (Playroom II) [05:18]    
B2. Bury [04:44]
B3. Unholy Day [06:08]   
B4. When the Story Ends [05:57]

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