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New Frames, but well-known names: Mathis Mootz aka The Panacea/Squaremeter teams up with fellow Berlin resident David Frisch for their debut album on HANDS that is obviously inspired by the thriving techno culture of the German metropolis. In contrast to their (so far undercover) endeavors with the „Continuum Series 1991-1998“, this is no historiographic account of rave culture, but very much a production of its time: Dark, industrial and techno in an absolutely flawless production (which is not much of a surprise considering the people behind the music) that bears enough ammunition for the dance floors as well as it works as a unit.

Released late May 2017 on Hands Productions.

Track Listing:
01 Cloud of Light_Disconnect  
02 Artefakt with Henning Baer  
03 Major and Minor Offenses
04 Eternal Body  
05 Farewell Legacy  
06 Earth Exit Statement with Climaxim  
07 Give us Guidance
08 Shorten the Days  
09 O.O.B.E. (Incarnate)  
10 We go public by Way of the Net

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