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Here comes the new Glam-explosion! On “Laserhead”, Night Laser revive the spirit of a golden Metal-era in such a refreshing manner, that the listener is catapulted straight back to the 80s.
Hard guitar riffs, wild outfits, glam and a red-hot stage show. Few contemporary bands capture the essence of 80s Metal as convincingly as the young and wild Hamburg-based lads Night Laser. Here, rock'n'roll is synonymous with pure lust for life and anthemic choruses meet precision high-speed-guitar-licks, hair spray and spandex. But Night Laser are not prone to parody: they have imbibed the spirit with flesh and bone and for them, this lifestyle means serious business. From the essence of Hair-Metal-icons like Mötley Crüe, Cinderella, Ratt or Poison and the drive of Power-Metal-acts such as Helloween, Night Laser have distilled a fresh and energetic sound that is both familiar and new. It is therefore little wonder that Metal-legend Kai Hansen (ex-Helloween, Gamma Ray) volunteered to spice up the title song “Laserhead” with his trademark vocals and that none other than Jens Reinhold (of Running Wild, Freedom Call or Sodom-fame) hand painted the stylistically perfect cover artwork. And what other band would dare to write a loving homage to the Opel Manta, Germany's number-one redneck vehicle of the 80s and actually manage to pull this feat off without looking silly. Let's say it like this: it was about time for a new band to put the glam and the fun back in Metal... and Night Laser are doing just that!

Released late March 2017 on Out of Line.

Track Listing:
01 Laserhead  
02 Manta  
03 Fighting the Blues  
04 Make Me cry  
05 Keep this Love alive  
06 Bread and Circus
07 Neon Lightning  
08 LA one Day  
09 Magnetism of Flesh  
10 Thin Ice  
11 Chaos Crew  
12 The same Heartbeat

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