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Noir (nwär) or (nwar)adjective French.1. Black; noting the black numbers in roulette.2. Relating to the film noir genre and or of crime literature featuring tough, cynical characters in dark settings.3. Suggestive of danger or violence.New York City is a world of shadows, thieves and con men, its chilling concrete landscapes are a fitting filmic backdrop for the aural futuristic pleasures of NOIR, a band whose deep electronic rhythms fuel darkened beats that conjure stark cinematic images from yesteryear merged with the cold machinery of the future. Conceptualized by vocalist Athan Maroulis, veteran of the pioneering electronic industrial act Spahn Ranch, NOIR is a sensuous electronic return to form for Maroulis, who also fronts dark cabaret legends Black Tape For a Blue Girl. NOIR combines the bleak irony of Weegee photos, fleshly lyrics, empty subway stations and the dark sarcasm of Rod Serling into a collection of throbbing dance floor interludes. Surreal and sensual, Darkly Near is a brilliant merger of Maroulis’ past with a contemporary yet moody present.Released October 22nd, 2013 on Metropolis Records.Track Listing:01. My Dear02. The Bells03. The Grifter04. A Forest05. The Voyeurs06. The Tragics07. Timephase08. When The Rains Came09. The Satin Box10. In Every Dream Home A Heartache

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