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Neil Gaiman
New York Times #1 Best-seller, top comic book writer, award-winning screenplay author - there"s more to say about Neil Gaiman than we have space here.
FREE 11"x17" (folded) poster with every order.A very special and unique project. Bands who are fans of Neil"s work were asked to write songs about their favorite Gaiman story, character, or setting. The contributions of seventeen top international artists are exclusively collected on this CD. Neil Gaiman was involved in the project from the start and wrote the liner notes for the CD. Dave McKean handled all of the artwork. (Since we"ve been asked already, we should point out that Neil doesn"t actually sing on the CD). The disc comes with a lavishly designed 20 page booklet.Like Neil"s writing, the material on this disc is very diverse in both source material and musical styles. Naturally The Sandman series is well represented, but there are also songs about Stardust, Neverwhere, American Gods, Coraline, The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish, Mr. Punch, Wolves in the Walls, The Goldfish Pool, and Mirror Mask.This title is shipping now. It was the second most heavily pre-ordered item in our history.Released July 18, 2006 on Dancing Ferret Discs. All tracks are exclusive and not available anywhere else.Track Listing:1 Rasputina - Coraline sample2 ThouShaltNot - When Everyone Forgets sample3 Tapping The Vein - Trader Boy sample4 Lunascape - Raven Star sample5 Deine Lakaien - A Fish Called Prince sample6 Thea Gilmore - Even Gods Do sample7 Rose Berlin (feat. Curve) - Coraline sample8 Schandmaul - Magda Treadgolds Märchen sample9 Hungry Lucy - We Won"t Go sample10 Voltaire w/The Oddz - Come Sweet Death sample11 Future Bible Heroes - Mr. Punch sample12 Razed in Black - The Endless sample13 The Cruxshadows - Wake the White Queen sample14 Ego Likeness - You Better Leave the Stars Alone sample15 Azam Ali - The Cold Black Key sample16 Joachim Witt - Vandemar sample17 Tori Amos - Sister Named Desire (Remastered) sample

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