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Nebulo: KOLIA


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French composer Thomas P. started as a visual artist but recently decided to work seriously as a musician. His attendance of electro acoustic composition courses at the Bordeaux conservatoire radically changed his musical point of view. Of course he knew of artists such as the Aphex Twin but the classes introduced him to the academic world of musical avant-gardism. As an open-minded listener he likes all kind of musical styles - from post-rock to triphop to breakcore. His interests in movies and literature are, as he describes it "a dark aesthetic": David Lynch, David Cronenberg, Stanley Kubrick, H.P. Lovecraft, William S. Burroughs, E.A. Poe, Franz Kafka and more. Working as a musician, Thomas sees himself more as a "composer" than as a "performer". His aim is to create music that elicits strong feelings and makes the listener"s mind travel inside imaginary landscapes. On the other hand, he wants to keep his music outside the academic ivory tower - so he uses beats or memorable melodies within his compositions.Listening to Nebulo should be like experiencing a story - that is, both sweet, melancholic and violent. "Kolia" shows Thomas"s skills in the creation of moods - electronica as a skeletal structure, enriched with a large variety of rhythmic patterns; from slow downtempo beats to fast breaks. Chords and harmonies make sure that the tunes are recognizable and unique. Finally, the economical usage of samples in the musique concrete tradition complete nebulo"s concept perfectly. This might be Europe"s response to well acknowledged acts like Lusine Icl or the late Gridlock. Especially if their sound was melted with the deep red flavour of an old Bordeaux wine and the playfulness of French tin toys…Expected early November, 2006.Track Listing:01 ant02 automnal03 dr-ill04 darkopale05 wen06 reverse07 mecaniduction08 klik me09 nebula10 siapese11 nokta12 mecalangue (remix by alix)13 darkopale (remix by ginormous)

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