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The Cold War in the Industrial scene is heating up. Hostilities, calls for boycott, open animosity and harsh competitiveness dominate a genre that was once known for its unity. The stumbling block was, is and always will be NACHTMAHR. Not, however, because NACHTMAHR is the true enemy. Rather because NACHTMAHR is the concept of an enemy to all those who envy THOMAS RAINER"s success and want to dethrone him. Now he dedicates an album to all these people. „Feindbild“ is its name. Reign supreme it will – and deliver the new national anthem for his Industrial empire with the stomping opener „Wir sind zurück“ („We are back“).It is no longer the sheer beat dominance, the destructive force of these relentless Imperial Industrial pattern bombings alone that justify NACHTMAHR"s enviable status. More than everbefore, „Feindbild“ shows a project that transcends the status of pure dancefloor-devastating Industrial and puts severity, feeling and sublimity into focus. Sure, „Feindbild“ still delivers the fattest bass and the most gripping Techno/Industrial orgies. Further predominance of this industrial supremacy, however, comes from a pitiless frankness and honesty cladding the tracks like invincible armour. Just listen to the ingenious cover of SECOND DECAY"s classic „I Hate Berlin“. This, however, could also be due to FRÄULEIN PLASTIQUE (ex-WELLE: ERDBALL) who finally dared a long-planned duet with supreme commander THOMAS RAINER.Love or hate. NACHTMAHR never left you any other choice. And an album like „Feindbild“ ensures that this will never be any different. That is why those who oppose him openly get their very own monument this time around. The elaborate Graphic Novel artwork by the morbid Scottish artist BRUCE STIRLING JOHN KNOX displays what will happen to all those haters and enviers. The wind of hate is still blowing in THOMAS RAINER"s sails, and is still the topmost proof for his superiority.All this negative emotion is fed into „Feindbild“, turning the massive and intelligently designed tracks into precisely fired projectiles at all those who want to piss on NACHTMAHR"s reputation. A challenge in the guise of thought-through, aggressive and yet melodic Imperial Industrial art and THOMAS RAINER"s unambiguous answer to his opponents.Go on with your backstabbing. „Feindbild“ is the musical counter strike that will silence the opposition once and for all.The first edition of the album is released as a strictly limited edition in coffee-table book format:-36-page comic book in the popular format of 17 x 25 cm (approx.)-Hardback-High-grade art print on high-quality art paper-Special matt lamination on all printed parts-Black front and rear endpapers-Includes all lyrics-Strictly limited to 2000 copiesReleased mid-February, 2014 on Trisol.Track Listing:01 Wir sind zurück02 Dämon03 I hate Berlin (feat. Frl. Plastique)04 Die Fahnen unserer Väter05 Chaos06 Parasit07 Feindbild08 Stehend sterben09 Liebst du mich?10 The Torch11 Wache

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