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MORS SUBITA – a band getting ready to conquer the world!!! Scandinavic Melodic Death Metal and Modern Thrash are their basis, bands such as Soilwork and Lamb Of God are as much part of their DNA as the characteristic melodies of Finland. Now their complete works are available worldwide for the first time.

Finland experts are already aware of this band as one of the hottest insider tips. They had three attacks till now: „Human Waste Compression“, „Degeneration“ and „Into The Pitchblack“ stroke in like bombs and were partly sold out and hard to get especially outside of Finland. Now is the time to remedy that: „Human Waste Collection“ provides all three albums in a 3-unit digipak, and on top two unreleased bonus tracks from „Degeneration“. So seeking collectors get it all as much as new fans.

Released Late June 2019 by Out Of Line.

Track Listing:
Tracks CD1 “Human Waste Compression”:
01. The Sermon 
02. One Million Flies 
03. Glance of Fear 
04. Route of final Dusk
05. Human Waste Compressor 
06. Entrance of Sickness 
07. S.C.S. 
08. Burden
09. World Hallucinated 
10. Dead Belief 
11. The Banned Exit 
CD2 “Degeneration”:
01. Degenerate 
02. Resistance 
03. End Complete 
04. World Separated 
05. Release 
06. Reform
07. Cult of Mischief 
08. Turmoil 
09. Divine is a Fraud 
10. Last Journey
Bonus Tracks: 
11. Erase 
12. Ruin
CD3 “Into the Pitch Black”:
01. Path to the Abyss 
02. As Humanity Weeps 
03. Dead Sun 
04. Defeat 
05. Into the Pitch Black
06. Alas 
07. I, God 
08. Voltures 
09. Fear is just the Beginning 
10. Shadows 
11. The Void

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