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Maschine Brennt: PULS (LIMITED) CD


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Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies! Jewel-Box + 8 pages booklet
This summer sees a new co-operation between Razgrom Music and the label Plonk from Sweden, which results in the simultaneous publication of two releases: the all new albums of DATAPOP and MASCHINE BRENNT.

Joacim Thenander from Stockholm has been a well-known person in the underground electronic music scene since the early nineties, when he was a member of the EBM / Industrial bands SYSTEMA THE AFFLICTION and CULTIVATED BIMBO (one of the founders of the EBM-movement in Scandinavia). Some time later he founded his own project MASCHINE BRENNT, which is more focused on creating minimalistic and analog-electronic sound-structures. MASCHINE BRENNT was one of the first projects on Plonk (Datapop, Unisonlab, Sector One, Kosmonaute…), which for many years now promotes and cultivates the so-called “machine-pop” genre: minimal but melodic, intelligent and elegant electronic music inspired by classic sounds of KRAFTWERK and other bands of the "Düsseldorf School".

However, the new MASCHINE BRENNT album "Puls", in addition to the obligatory for “machine-pop” analogue sound collages, vintage synthesizers and robo-vocoders, also includes many new and progressive musical elements that make the sound of the project even more complex and unique: energetic techno rhythms, EBM loops, unexpected rhythmic constructions. Many other artists can only envy the quality and depth of MASCHINE BRENNT’s electronic sound - this is the highest level, top-class!
Released Late July 2021 by Razgrom Music.

Track Listing:
01. Loop 
02. Frisq 
03. Europe 
04. Place to Place 
05. Systematyka II (v2) 
06. Systematyka
07. Trick 
08. Artificial Intelligence 
09. Computer Dreams 
10. Electro Elite 
11. Systematyka II
12. Puls 
13. BUC

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