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Maschine Brennt: HEARING AID, THE CD


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The next step in the collaboration between Razgrom Music and Swedish digital-label Plonk is the release of this debut album! Behind MASCHINE BRENNT we find Joacim Thenander, a guy with a long experience in making computer-based music. In the late ‘80s he was a member of industrial electro act SYSTEMA THE AFFLICTION, and later he was the driving force behind the thrash synth/hiphop crossover duo CULTIVATED BIMBO. In the ‘90s he released more mainstream dance music and remixes, mainly house and techno stuff, but also a few drum’n bass tracks. Originally born in 1991 for few live-performances, the project MASCHINE BRENNT was re-launched 2014 in order to create vintage and minimalistic electronic music and to explore the topic of the relationship between humans and machines. The first (digital only) releases were published on Plonk, which today is an important home for artists, writing music in the genre «machine-pop». ‘The Hearing Aid’ follows a series of successful digital singles and EP and contains both previously released tracks (all specially re-recorded and remastered) and completely new material. Cold analogue beats and unflappable robo-vocoders, mathematically calculated melodies and the nostalgic sci-fi atmosphere - sequential rhythms for man or machine! For sure, fans of the classic KRAFTWERK sound, and such projects as DATAPOP, DEUTSCHE BANK, METROLAND, OIL 10 will not be disappointed!
The CD version is exclusively released by Razgrom Music and contains 4 additional bonus tracks.

Released Mid January 2018 on Razgrom Music.

Track Listing:
01. Electric Music
02. Ich bin
03. I want to be Human
04. Backspace
05. Sistema
06. Mensch oder Maschine
07. 1992
08. Du Bist
09. Speak and Spell
10. Elektronisk Musik
11. 25616
12. Small Size
13. Kredit (1992 Original Demo)
14. Speak and Spell (Demo 1997)

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