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Meta Meat are:
Somekilos: electronic, hand-drum, toms, cymbals, daf, wooden rattles, voices
Phil Von: electronic, daf, bendir, cajacuerda

Voices produced by Phil Von, mastered by norscq, layout by stefan alt INFRASUPRA is the second musical work by Meat Meat. The theme of this album is the equilibrium between our aspirations to reach a new 'suprahuman' omniscient condition and our inner 'infrahuman' material essence.

The music of INFRASUPRA explores its dichotomous theme by proposing a mix of crude acoustic instruments with raw samples and sophisticated electronic sounds. Self-invented rhythms are played with various percussions (daf, bendhir, hand drums, toms, etc…) then combined with various digital elements. Somekilos (2kilos and More/Von Magnet) and Phil Von (Von Magnet) succeeded in creating 10 neo-archaic / electro-ethnic ritual mini stories, offering with this masterful second album a unique and original musical endeavour.

Recorded in Kiel, Essen and Vilnius, mixed and produced in Vilnius, the album features 10 Tracks and is also available on limited Vinyl.

Released Late November 2021 by Ant-Zen.

Tracks Listing:
01. Animal  
02. Resurgent  
03. Vagabond  
04. Plagued  
05. Dichotomy
06. Trampled  
07. Proie  
08. Downrising  
09. Primitive  
10. Antilogue

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