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MDS51, founded in 2007. From start on experimenting in manipulating samples, creating scraping noisy soundscapes combined by strong deep rhythms along with distorted voices, the results were two self-released full length albums `Lecture` (2013) and `Machine Mortelle` (2014). Live MDS51 is a strong experience and played several shows in the last years like WGT,  Schlagstrom , EA and many more, MDS51 are supported by its striking massive video projections. The new album 'Fear Reactor' featuring eleven outstanding tracks which let you discover even a more thrilling industrial soundexperiment this time, 'Fear Reactor' is the essence of state-of-the-art dark industrial sound manipulation, the next step in the evolution of the band, bringing their familiar elements to an overall powerful sound, and as an extra on this 3rd release MDS51 bring their version from the wellknown Warm Leatherette track with Elise W for vocals. Digipak packaging.

Released Now on Sleepless Records Berlin
Track Listing:
1. Fear Reactor
2. Contact
3. Dead Man Thinking
4. Monochrom
5. Encounter
6. Hazardous Course
7. Pendu
8. Darker
9. Bloody Work
10. Clark III
11. Warm Leatherette

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