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Mick Chillage: PIXELS II CD

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Quietly arresting second chapter in the Pixels series by Mick Chillage. Like the subtlest works by Eno, this one unfolds slowly as its myriad sounds creep up on you.

Mick Chillage returns to the Anodize fold with volume two in his Pixels series of longform neuro-ambient works. Pixels II works the same phantasmic mojo as its predecessor, trading in irruptive gestures that shiver and undulate across an ever-shifting aural environment. Over its near hour-length lifespan, it's become evident that Mr. Chillage has truly earned his stripes as one of ambient music's best contemporary prognosticators, recalling not only classic FAX sides of the 90s era, but pointing the way towards all kinds of bright, impressionistic futures.

Mr. Chillage has already built quite the rep for himself, releasing music across a slew of labels (Fax, Psychonavigation, etc.) and in many different styles. For Anodize, last year's electro-themed release under his The Shape alias was one of his more provocative recordings, and with the Pixels series, he continues reworking a minimalist ambient canvas thanks to a seemingly endless supply of distinctive aural squibs.
Released April 2015 on Anodize.

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