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Monomania, a term from the psychiatric nosology of the early 19th Century, was once (2003) the template for naming the Hamburger Rock-Band MONO INC. and means as much as delusionalindividual, in contrast to the complete madness. - 10 years later, MONO INC. open another chapter of their creativity! Mean? Joachim Witt (a New German Wave legend of the 80ies) and MONO INC. mastermind Martin Engler became close friends since Witt"s latest album and since then they celebrate the "Club of living Poets" every week. Joachim benefits from the fact that Martin is an excellent cook - Witt can do nothing on the stove, but he delights in fine dining.During the meetings of the "Club of living Poets" abstruse ideas emerged. One of them was to makea common track (not surprising at first sight), but as the question arose of who should sing whichlanguage, they did not come to each other at first. But then as Witt texted an English verse and Martindid a German chorus - the convolutions of the two were really active and their love for music hasconnected the two poles! The result is a song in which Martin, inspired by Joachim, kept the Germanchorus, whereupon Joachim contributed a purely German verse. The result is titled "Kein Weg zu Weit"(No path too far) and "shall encourage people" , the MONO INC.-singer and Witt unison.Worn by this inspiration other songs in german language arose almost like in flight, what the band isvery pleased with. "Standstill would be a creative dead for us, which is why we have taken this stepand why we are eager to showcase the new facet to the fans."The Hamburg Rock-Band succeeds with NIMMERMEHR the true feat of re-inventing themselves, to stay true to their sound and yet bring a new MONO INC. dimension to the market - Lyric, poetry, great melodies and immediately in the ear.One year after their Top-10-Album "After The War" MONO INC. present sovereign with new andestablished influences and storm with a strong first harbingers inexorably on their way to the monomaniac world domination.Also the new album will be released in a special limited edition, digipak including an EXCLUSIVE10-tracks DVD (Region Code ‘0’), featuring two official Videoclips for the new album, plus some of the most popular songs by the band, recorded live during last year’s ‘After the War’ tour.Released mid-August, 2013 on NoCut.Track Listing CD:01 Heile, Heile Segen02 Seligkeit03 My Deal with God04 Kein Weg zu weit05 Euthanasia06 Alles was bleibt07 The Clock ticks on08 A better Way to die09 Herzschlag10 Days like this11 Ich teile Dich nicht12 NimmermehrDVD:CLIPS:01 Kein Weg zu weit02 My Deal with GodLIVE:03 Viva Hades04 Arabia05 Tired of the Day06 Temple of the Torn07 In my Heart08 Get some Sleep09 From the Ashes10 Voices of Doom

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