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"Forgive me the following very personal notes but… It has been AGES that I didn’t fall in love with a new album/new band as much as I did with MIRRORS, a still quite young and extremely gifted Electronic act from Brighton/England.Okay, I admit it: ever since I’m able to think about/enjoy listening to music, I have been a huge fan of German electronic pioneers Kraftwerk. In my ‘previous life’ as editor of a music magazine, I have interviewed them twice and for me it was a kind of ‘climax’ of my ‘career’ as music journalist.What we have here, is (of course) not a new album by Kraftwerk, but most probably the most original, fresh and well done album of a band, that takes HEAVY INSPIRATION (both musically and visually) from Kraftwerk – but with a much more ‘POP’ attitude to it. The album has been released in March already, and the band toured as support act for OMD last year, but we are able to offer this absolute JEWEL of album today only.The opening track of the album (Fear of Drowning) is almost a ‘cover-version’ of Kraftwerks classic ‘Europe Endless’ (1977) and there’s quite some more Kraftwerk-inspiration to be found in tracks such as ‘Somewhere Strange’ or the MONUMENTAL closing track ‘Secrets’… The album ‘Lights and Offerings’ also contains not less than 4 previouslyreleased very original MIRRORS singles: ‘Into the Heart’ (2009), ‘Look at me’ (2009), ‘Ways to an End’ (2010) and ‘Hide and Seek’ (2010) – although the best track of all on the album (according to my very personal opinion…) is Without a doubt ‘Write Through The Night’ – almost a Synth-Pop Hymn for the 21st Century – and when I say ‘Synth-Pop’ I do NOT intend cheap Swedish or Swedish-inspired ‘would be early Depeche Mode’-kind of sound!" - Sebastian KochReleased mid-May, 2011 on Skint Records.Track Listing:01 Fear of Drowning02 Look At Me03 Into the Heart04 Write Through The Night05 Ways To An End06 Hide and Seek07 Somewhere Strange08 Something On Your Mind09 Searching in the Wilderness10 Secrets

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