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Midnight Configuration: PARALLEL WORLDS

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This is without doubt one of the most dynamic and powerful CDs the band have EVER produced. Every track is a blaster, designed to reinforce the band"s standing within the music scene, as well as to push the frontiers of musical innovation even further than ever before! The band have stayed true to their subcultural Gothic roots, but have whole-heartedly embraced the power of new technologies and guitar approaches. Imagine Ministry, but with a darker Darkwave approach, fuelled by the "Voice of the Unclean" that is Trev Bamford, the sheet metal slabs of guitar riffola courtesy of Nick Hopkinson, and the Dark Lady herself, Estelle van Goth on the seductive and sinister synth washes.

Released late May 2007.

01 The Fall of Marianne
02 No Tomorrow
03 Inner War
04 Eternity
05 The Distortion Field
06 Something"s Coming
07 Parallel Worlds
08 Perdition"s Flame
09 Miranda
10 Surrounded by Evil
11 The Wrath of the Sun
12 InterFEARence
13 Excommunication
14 Haunted

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