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Menschdefekt: HUMAN PARASITE, THE (Japanese LTD Digipak, + 4 Bonus Tracks)

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Menschdefekt was established in Germany as a solo-project by Dominik R. in 2004. In February of 2009, Fredrik became a permanent member of the lineup, as the lyricist and vocalist. Stylistically the sound mainly moves between Electro, Industrial and Gothic. However, Menschdefekt is influenced by different genres such as Trance, Future Pop and others. The lyrics are deliberately constructed to be socially critical and provocative in order to reflect the name “Menschdefekt”. Fredrik’s vocals are aggressive, and usually significantly distorted. The lyrics criticize such topics as war, nationalism/ fascism, murder, consumer consumption and our wasteful society. The human psyche plays a major role in the development of the lyrics. Movie quotes that are placed in the songs add to the bizarre quality of them; conveying a sense of insanity and absurdity. The first album, “Realitaetsverlust” was produced and distributed in 2006, as a result of a friend’s request for the album to be made. The second album “Degeneration”, with even clearer song-structures and a more sophisticated sound, followed in the middle of 2007. Menschdefekt won the Aesthetic Perfection Remix Contest in March of 2008. The remix from “Schadenfreude” should have appeared on the current Aesthetic Perfection album “A Violent Emotion”, but the Bonus-CD which was expected to contain the remix was never published by Bractune/Out of Line.After gaining first place in this remix-competition, Menschdefekt’s popularity rose astronomically. The song "Stalingrad” was created in late summer 2008, out of the mutual cooperation between Menschdefekt and Stahlnebel and Black Selket, and caused Menschdefekt’s breakthrough. The track was soon played for the dance floors and in a flash- national as well as international clubs (such as Belgium and Greece) jumped on the bandwagonand played it in their sets. It is also played on different webradio programs. At this point, I’d like to point out “Schwarze Welle” and “German GothicRadio”. “Stalingrad” is represented on the compilations “Interbreeding X” (BLC Productions) and “Endzeit Bunkertracks Act IV” (Alfa Matrix. Theinternational publications, on these two samplers, represent the biggest success for Menschdefekt so far.Limited (100 copies) digipak version released April, 2010 on Death Watch Asia.Track Listing:01. Plague (The Human Parasite)02. Dedicating Hate03. Psycho Bitch04. Instincts of Corruption05. Schizophrenia06. Fragile Existence07. Dekadenz08. The Way09. Mind Control10. Piggy11. Black Harvest12. Trigger13. Flaws (Bang Bang!)14. Dark SideBonus Tracks:13. Fragile Existence (ACYLUM Remix) 4:1914. Dekadenz (C-LEKKTOR Remix) 5:0715. Instincts Of Corruption (FGFC820 Remix) 6:2816. Fragile Existence (ES23 Remix) 5:50

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