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Maschinenkrieger KR52 vs. Disraptor: RIOT CD


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We predict a riot! Maschinenkrieger KR52 vs. Disraptor have taken almost five years since
their last HANDS album, and they have used that time to distil their ruthless rhythm’n’noise
sound to its purest essence. „Riot“ presents 12 repetitive sound structures around the 4-minute
mark, instantly reaching full steam and keeping the pressure up throughout. Arguably their
most radical output yet, the sound of “Riot” is produced for physical appeal, and demands high
The rhythm’n’noise aficionado will appreciate how Maschinenkrieger KR52 vs. Disraptor have
refined their art of reduction, the result being timeless in its purity, and highly enjoyable to
those with the acquired taste.

Released Mid May 2018 by Hands Productions. 

Track Listing:
01. Exploitation 
02. High FX 
03. Resignation 
04. Riot 
05. Against the System 
06. Recdrum
07. Monitoring 
08. Obey 
09. Harsh Damp 
10. Shift 
11. Mother Green 
12. Commercial Break

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