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Makaras Pen walks the line between shoegaze and indie rock with a strong dynamic of crushing guitars and delicate female vocals. Doug White - founder, guitarist and songwriter from Projekt"s now disbanded Tearwave - gathers a new group of fantastic musicians to continue the sonic journey he began just a few years ago. Building on Tearwave"s sound and shoegaze elements made popular in the late 80"s and early 90"s by bands like Lush, Slowdive, and the Cocteau Twins, Makaras Pen adds the twists and turns of an aggressive indie rock band creating an electric, intense and startlingly fresh new perspective on these genres.On their self-titled debut, Makaras Pen crafts 11 songs with creative heartfelt lyrics and passionate vocals from Emma Willis, walls of wailing guitars from Doug White and Jon Nemi, lush melodic bass lines from Val Hill and textured driving drums from Dennis Caswell.Emma"s lyrics delve into the darker side of failed relationships, yearning to set oneself free, leaving harmful situations and looking towards a better future. At times the euphoria of a new situation intertwines with anticipation of the failure to come. Emma refrains from a weak, victim"s perspective, instead using the process to develop autonomy and independence as she searches for new inspiration in life. With so much more to Emma than a pretty girl with a beautiful voice, she commands the listener"s attention, bringing a personal style that pulls the listener along for the ride.Jeff Kandefer from Clairecords" dream pop / shoegaze band The Daysleepers provides guest vocals on "Envy and Lust." Doug recorded and produced all of The Daysleepers CDs, so it was a natural fit to incorporate Jeff"s distinct, instantly recognizable vocals into Makaras Pen"s music.Makaras Pen invokes a variety of emotions on this journey of sound with highs and lows of thought and perspective.Released June, 2010 on Projekt Records.

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